FiraDocs: Your Document Management Solution, Anytime, Anywhere

With FiraDocs, freedom and flexibility are at the core of what we offer. Designed to run smoothly on any device—be it your smartphone, tablet, or computer—and compatible with all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux, FiraDocs ensures you can manage your documents and records effortlessly, no matter where you are or what device you’re using. It's document management without limits: no need for app downloads or software installations, just easy access from your preferred browser. Embrace the simplicity of FiraDocs and keep your productivity sky-high, anytime, anywhere.

Use Cases

FiraDocs screenshot of CRM type documents

Inventory Management

Gain full control over your inventory and warehouse operations. With our comprehensive inventory management system, you can easily check in, check out, and monitor inventory levels using barcode scanner integrations. Leverage detailed insights to visualize trends and strategically plan for the future.

  • Comprehensive stock item listings
  • Warehouse assignment capabilities
  • Automatic stock level alerts
  • Inventory trend analysis
  • Supplier management
  • Order and delivery note processing
  • Inventory reservation system

Task Management

You can assign tasks to your team members. It is easy to keep track of tasks thanks to customizable Kanban view. You will get notifications about task assignments, progress change, overdue tasks and comments on the tasks.
  • Start and due dates
  • Attach files
  • Time tracking
  • Get notifications
  • Sub-tasks
  • Post comments
  • Kanban board
  • And many more...
FiraDocs screenshot of taskboard view
FiraDocs screenshot of CRM type documents

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Maximize your client engagement and streamline your workflow. Manage your contacts, keep track of interactions, and stay organized with ease, giving you more time to focus on what you do best.

  • Centralized address book for all client information
  • Interactive contact lists for quick communication
  • Client interaction tracking for personalized follow-ups
  • Project and task management linked to clients
  • Track deals and opportunities
  • Automated reminders for important dates and milestones
  • Easy integration with email and for seamless communication
FiraDocs screenshot of taskboard data view

Employee management

Track .

  • Request and track vacations
  • Track working hours
  • Track expenses
  • Track trainings and certifications
FiraHome dashboard screenshot

Home Control

This use case exemplifies the adaptability of our universal system, now ingeniously customized for home management. It showcases the potential to control lighting, temperature, and security from a single hub, emphasizing the system’s customizable nature with features like personalized schedules and instant notifications.

  • Overview your home's status at a glance
  • Manage your lighting effortlessly
  • Keep tabs on all connected devices
  • Automate tasks with custom schedules
  • Stay informed with real-time alerts
  • Consolidate control within a single interface...

School Organization Solutions

Managing a school or kindergarten, no matter the size, presents its own set of challenges. FiraDocs is here to simplify all paperwork and organizational tasks throughout the academic year.

  • Track classes and student progress
  • Manage school registers efficiently
  • Streamline school application processes
  • Monitor student attendance accurately
  • Facilitate communication with parents
  • Announce upcoming events
  • Publish lunch menus and organize meal sign-ups
  • Enhance parent-school communication

Note: The customer portal is under development and will be available soon.

FiraDocs screenshot gallery view of school classes.

System for you

FiraDocs is designed to adapt to your needs, your data, your processes.

Start with existing spreadsheets and files

Use a pre-made solution and modify it

Build everything from scratch


Documents encompass everything you wish to monitor and store, from invoices and contracts to assignments, customer contacts, and employee or student IDs.


By making connections between documents, you can gain new information and improve your decision-making.


Documents can have different formats and structures. FiraDocs allows you to create forms that match your needs.


Set up rules and checks, and the system will ensure that the data is always in order.

Universal features for all documents

Every document you create, you'll automatically get these features


Attach document, image, or any other file or link to the record.

Notes & Comments

Note down your thoughts and share your comments with others.


Every change is recorded. Reliably track what happened with the record and when.


Track the relationships and even ad-hoc connections between records to see the big picture and navigate easily.


Add tags to your records to categorize them and find them easily.

Status & Assignment

Track the status of your records (is the order newly created, processed, done) and who is responsible for it.

Explore your data

Unlock the full potential of your data with FiraDocs through versatile querying, browsing, and exploration options.

Saved views

Customize and save your views by selecting columns, sorting, and filtering for quick access later.

Search Everything

Find any document instantly with our comprehensive global search feature.

Advanced Filters

Zero in on crucial data with sophisticated filtering options.

Table view

Browse your records in a table view. Choose columns you want to see. Sort, filter, and search to find what you need.

Gallery view

Documents are displayed as tiles. You can see the most important information at a glance.

Taskboard view

Displays the records in columns by their status. Move records between columns to track their progress.

Calendar view

Set the records with dates and see them in a calendar view. Plan your work and track deadlines.

Timeline view

Do you need to manage project? Timeline view is the best way to do it.


Pictures say more than a thousand words. Use charts to visualize your data.


Search for records by keywords. Use advanced search to find exactly what you need.


Filter records by any field. Save your filters for later use.

Stay in the loop

FiraDocs keeps you informed about the latest changes and updates in your system. Stay in the loop with notifications, alerts, and reminders.

Create Dynamic Dashboards

With FiraDocs, every crucial detail is just a glance away. Customize your dashboards to display all the information that matters to you in one, easily accessible place. Transform data into actionable insights with our intuitive dashboard design tools.

Set Smart Notifications

Let FiraDocs keep an eye on things for you. Configure notifications to alert you about important changes or updates, so you can stay informed without constantly monitoring the system. Focus on what you do best while FiraDocs watches over your operations.

Automate Recurring Tasks

FiraDocs simplifies your workflow by automating recurring tasks. Whether it's daily reports, weekly updates, or monthly backups, set it once, and let FiraDocs handle the rest. Enjoy efficiency and peace of mind, knowing that your routine tasks are running smoothly in the background.

Screenshot of FiraDocs dashboard

FiraDocs Marketplace

FiraDocs is designed like a Lego set, allowing you to build your system by selecting the exact pieces you need. We refer to these pieces as Extensions, and the FiraDocs Marketplace is your gateway to a wide array of extensions. Here, you’ll find everything from new data connectors and sources to advanced automation options, ready-to-use reports, forms, dashboard components, and even comprehensive solutions.

Fast development

The FiraDocs extension system facilitates the swift development of new features and extensions, empowering you to evolve your system quickly.

Easy updates

Stay ahead with the latest features and enhancements by easily updating your FiraDocs system.

Secure and reliable

Each extension and template in the marketplace undergoes rigorous vetting to guarantee security and reliability for your peace of mind.

Do you miss any feature?

Submit your ideas »

FiraDocs screenshot

Why Choose FiraDocs?

Customizable Data Structures & Forms
Tailor everything to fit your exact needs, from data organization to user interaction.
Marketplace of Presets
Quickly adopt industry-specific solutions and enhance your productivity.
Seamless Integration
Works effortlessly with your existing tech stack, including a smooth connection with Microsoft PowerApps.
User-Centric Design
Built for ease of use without sacrificing power or flexibility.

User Management

Manage user accounts and teams with ease.


Allow or restrict access to data and features based on user identity or user roles.

Audit & change tracking

Enable detailed tracking of changes to your data and user actions.


Track personal and private information and manage who can access them.


Data is encrypted in transit and can be encrypted at rest to ensure security.


Track the states of document and progress of tasks with automated workflows.


Make sure that important decisions are reviewed and approved by the right people.


Our Autobot will help you automate tasks and schedule jobs and will keep you updated.

FiraDocs screenshot of simplified workflow editor


Is there something else you need or want? We can build it for you. Our platform is designed to be extended and customized.
Or you can get other extensions from our marketplace.

Remote Agents

Enables you to run automation tasks on remote machines. Need to get data from offline system? No problem.


Workspaces allows you to organize your data and tasks in a way that makes sense to you.

Public Forms

Create an online surveys or questionnaires, share it with team or public and store the results as documents in FireDocs.

Fira AISoon

Our Autobot is getting smarter and turning into AI assistant just for you. It will provide you insights and suggestions based on your data and allow you to focus on what matters most.

Customer PortalSoon

Portal for your customers to interact with your system. They can view their data, submit requests, and more.

Integrate anything with anyone

Integration is big part of FiraDocs philosophy: having everything in one place. That's why we are working hard to make sure that FiraDocs can integrate with all the services you use.

Picture showing logos of some of the services FiraDocs can integrate with in bubbles around FiraDocs logo at the center.

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